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 Apple Studios  3 Saville Row  London.


It's the late 1960's and The Beatles have  been told that in order to avoid paying huge sums in tax they would need to spend some money, so they came up with the idea of creating their very own Abbey Road. Seemed like a good idea at the time, the reality was far different.

In June 1968 they acquired the premises at 3 Savile Row in London, a five story townhouse that had formally been 'The Albany', a gentleman's club. The basement area was rebuilt as the studio and offices set up  in the above floors.3 Saville Row

Maybe as a backlash against the regimented style of Abbey Road, they decide to build something much more 'far out' with the help of a young Greek electronics guy given the name Magic Alex, who John had met at a party. Alex promised miracles in modern recording but when the band turned up for the first recording sessions his efforts were at best a bad joke, at worst a disaster. This can be summed up with his invention of the 'Nothing Box', a box with 12 lights on it which ran for five years and did nothing!

So for the recording of the 'Let it be' album that had to go back to EMI, cap in hand and borrow enough equipment to make an album.

"The desk [console] was made of particle board. It had eight or 16 faders on it, and eight speakers on the wall, little Telefunken speakers, and an oscilloscope in the middle. They found out before doing Let It Be that there was no hole in the wall to pass the cables through from the studio to the control room. They had to run them down the corridor. "

Geoff Emerick was persuaded by Paul McCartney to leave EMI and join Apple to rebuild the studio and become chief engineer. Redesigning and rebuilding the basement  took eighteen months.

 "I had wanted a Neumann mixing console, which Neumann was actually designing. But with Apple's financial situation at the time, we never ended up with it. We ended up with a 16-track Helios, which became available a very clean mixing console. "  

Apple Studios

Helios 36/16

Studer & 3M 16- track tape Machines

4 x EMT Plate Reverbs

Cadac Monitors/Amps

Studio size  -   30' x 45'  - height 11' .   Control Room  -  12' x 22'

The Studio reopened again in September 1971.  The first session was for the recording of the album 'Brother' by Lon and Derek Van Eaton who were one of the last signings to the Apple label.


On 30th January 1969, The Beatles played a live gig on the rooftop of Apple Studios.

Apple Studios eventually got dismantled because Ringo decided that he wanted to put in a film scoring suite above it and use the equipment. This never happened and Ringo had set up his own studios in Tittenhurst Park anyway by 1974. In 1975 Ringo left the country due to tax reasons; John Lennon had already left in 1972. Caught in the legal wrangles of the Beatles split, Apple Studios was closed  for good on 16th May 1975 despite having just been refurbished .

Apple Studios The Beatles


Recorded at Apple Studios :

The Beatles                  -    Let it Be  -  1969

Radha Krishna Temple  -  Goddess of Fortune  - 1969

Lon and Derek Van Eaton   -  Brother   -1971

Fanny                  -    Fanny Hill   -  December  1971

Eulenspygel         -    Ausschuss    -  1972

Mark Wirtz           -    Balloon   -   May 1972

Linda Lewis          -   Lark     -  1972

Harry Nilsson        -  Son of Schmilsson  - 1972

Paladin                 -    Charge   -  1972

Stealers Wheel      -   Stealers Wheel    -  1972

George Harrison     -    Living In The Material World  - 1973

Badfinger               -  Ass   -  1973

Capability Brown     - Voice  - 1973

Ringo Starr            -  Ringo   - 1973

Roger Daltrey         -  Daltrey     -   1973

Wishbone Ash      -  Wishbone Four     -  1973

Spooky Tooth          - You Broke My Heart, So I Busted Your Jaw  -  1973

Don Nix                 -   Hobos, Heroes and Street Corner Clowns -  1973

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band  -  Next   -  1973

Badfinger             -    Head First-  December  -  1974.

Tim Hardin           -    Painted Head

Nazareth             -   Loud n Proud  (1 track))

John Howard       -    Kid In A Big World  -  1974

Tony Ashton & Jon Lord    -    First of the Big Bands   -  1974

Linda Lewis        -    Not A Little Girl Anymore   -  Feb 1975

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band -   Tomorrow Belongs To Me  -  1975


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Apple Studios

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