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18 Rodmarton Street London.




Originally called Star Sound, the studio dates back to  1937 when it was designed as a small theater for the recording of live audience shows for Radio Luxembourg. It was said to be the countys first independent studios starting with disk recording onto wax and then as one of the first commercial concerns to bring in  tape machines in 1949.  up to 1960, Star Sound had recorded 18,000 radio program's and 3000 TV commercials. In that same year they opened up a dedicated film recording centre in Romneys House, Hampstead.



Audio International became a collaboration between owners Radio Luxembourg and Chrysalis Records and was built in the former auditorium of Star Sound, with the control room being the former stage and the balcony becoming a speech studio.



1972 -  Neve 24:16

Studer 16 and 8 track tape machines.


Cadac Audio International Studios


In 1990 the Studios became AIR Edel and still has the last studio Cadac console to be built.


Recorded at Audio International :


Gilbert O'Sullivan   -  Nothing Rhymed   -  1970


The Sweet   - Blockbuster  -  Nov  1972


The Sweet   - Hellraiser  -  March  1973


The Sweet   -  Ballroom Blitz  - June 73


The Sweet   - Sweet FA -   Nov. 1973


Tom Jones   -  Close up Tom   - 1973


Gilbert O'Sullivan  -  I'm a Writer not a Fighter -   1973


Mud       -   Mud Rock   - 1974


Sweet    -   Desolation Boulevard  - Sept. 1974


Suzi Quatro    -  Quatro -   1974


Mud       -  Use Your Imagination  - 1975


Sweet     -    Give Us a Wink   -   1975


Japan     -    Adolescent Sex   -  1978


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