Bits and Pieces about Cadac Studio Recording Consoles.

"Yeah. I think CADAC desks are the cleanest, best-sounding signal chain that's ever been built. I don't think they've been topped yet for actual sonic quality. They were like no other desks in the world."  Bill Price   Oct 2000.

                 Clive Green

In 1967 Clive Green started working with Adrian Kerridge at Lansdowne Studios changing the valve pre-amps in the EMI desk with new transistor circuits  and modifying the desk for 8 track recording.

In 1968  Barry Morgan and Monty Babson  set up  Morgan Studios in London and approached Clive and Adrian to build a desk for the studio. Together with David Bott, an engineer from "TVT", and Charles Billet of Audix, the company CADAC was set up as a recording console manufacturer.

Some UK Studios that featured Cadac Recording Consoles:
Air EdelLansdowne Studios
Majestic StudiosMorgan Studios
Pye StudiosThe Round House Studios
Scorpio StudiosWessex Studios

The move away from Studio consoles began in October 1983 when Cadac supplied its first theatre console for a production of Little Shop of Horrors. In 1986 Cadac supplied the last of its studio desks to Audio International (which later became Air Edel). The desk is still in use today.


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