Chalk Farm Studios


1a Belmont Street, Chalk Farm,  Camden,  London.

In 1964 Bruce Rae and Rick Minas set up a rehearsal and recording facilities in Camden called 'RayRik Sound Studios'.  In 1968 the property was taken over by Vic Keary and Blue Beat boss Emil Shallet and opened as Chalk Farm Studios. Vic had previously owned 'Maximum Sound Studios' which had been sold to  Manfred Mann.

Being both a sound and electronic engineer, Vic built and installed his own valve desk In Chalk Farm, the design  based on the EMI Redd  series from Lansdowne Studios. An 8 Track Leevers Rich, Ampex and Studer 2 track completed the set up.

As Ska and reggae became popular in the early seventies, Chalk Farm was seen as one of the few studios in the UK that could replicate the sound of the Jamaican records. 

The studio's first hit single was Bob and Marcia's 'Young, Gifted and Black' and at one point, eight of the top 50 singles had been recorded at Chalk Farm.

Dandy Livingston (then Trojan's chief producer) made many of his records at Chalk Farm.

In 1972 the studios had Vic's 20:8 custom desk and a Leevers Rich 8-track Tape machine.

Chalk Farm Studios closed in 1982.

Vic now runs 'Thermionic Culture, manufactures of very fine traditional recording gear.



Recorded at Chalk Farm Studios :

Bob and Marcia  - Young, Gifted and Black'

Moon River  -  Greyhound

Let Your Yeah be Yeah  -  Pioneers

Pied Piper  -  Bob and Marcia

The Sweet  -  Man from Mecca - April 1972

Doctor Ross   -  Jivin' The Blues 

101'ers  -  Keys to your heart  - 1976

Nick Lowe -  Jesus of Cool  - 1976 (part)

Chalk Farm Studios - 1970's


1a Belmont Street - 2011




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