20-24 Beaumont Road, London.

Started  in 1967 and run by Piers Ford-Crush, Mike Gardner and Philip Love originally in Eden Street in Kingston as a 4-track.

The studios moved to it's Beaumont Road premises in 1973. Initially it was equipped with a custom mixing desk (designed by Chris Glass and Mike Gardner, based on Neve circuitry) and an Ampex 16 track recorder, soon upgraded to 24 track.

In 1986 Eden had SSL consoles in both studios.

Recorded At Eden

Buzzcocks          - A Different Kind Of Tension  1979

The Undertones  -  The Undertones                  1979

Joy Division       -   Demos                               1979

Elvis Costello     - This Years Model                   1977

Crocodiles         - Echo and the Bunnymen    (part)

Shakin Stevens  - Shaky                                   1981