Escape Studios  was a residential studio in Kent, situated on a farm and built in a converted barn.

Originally set up with a Studer 8-track and a Sound Techniques desk.

Producer John Burns acquired the studio studio in 1975 when it was still 16 track.

They bought the  Helios desk that was the originally built for Steve Marriot of The Small Faces.

16-track Studer A80 tape machine

Helios  32-channel console; based on a 24-channel desk  with an extra eight-channel desk bought from Basing Street Studios when they upgraded their editing suite.
Two Urei 1176 FET compressors; Roland Space echo  Revox A77, various other de-essers/compressors.
Tannoy Red monitors in Lockwood cabinets,  Crown Amplifier; Auratones.
Studer B62 two-track mastering machine; Studer C37 two-track recorder (ex-BBC).
Recorded at Escape Studios :

New York Dolls  -  Demos - 1972

Nazareth   -  Hair of the Dog   -1975

String Driven Thing       -  Please Mind Your Head

Motorhead   -  Motorhead


Escape Studios Helios Console