35a Broadhurst Gardens, Swiss Cottage.

An unusual setting for a studio because the building is part of a residential area where planning permission would not normally be granted. In 1952 Walt Disney took a lease on the premises to build a dubbing studio for putting foreign language tracks onto Disney films. When Disney eventually moved out the Studios became Pan Sound then taken over by Frank Weir in the early seventies.

Frank Weir was a British orchestra leader and fine jazz musician. He reached No.1 on the singles charts in 1954 with dame Vera Lynn and the song  'My Son, My Son'.

His version of "The Happy Wanderer" became one of the most popular recordings of 1954, in both the UK and the US.

In January 1976 Weir Sound became Iven Berg Associates.

The building is still used for sound recordings, now being the home of Motivation Sound Studios.