IBC Studios

35 Portland Place. London



The International Broadcasting Company was an independent and commercial radio broadcaster. They had started out recording commercial radio shows in the UK then broadcasting them from mainland Europe to get around the ban that existed at the time on running commercials on air.  The studios in Portland Place were set up to record these broadcasts but could also be hired by musicians and labels, and this gradually became IBC's main occupation in the 60s and 70s.

In 1971     IBC Studio 1 - was rebuilt with a custom desk.
In 1972     IBC Studio 1 - 32/16 custom console - Ampex 16 track
                IBC Studio 2 - 24/4 custom console


"...my band "Rare Amber" recorded our crap Polydor album there in autumn 1968 from 8am until noon over the period of a week or so. The Who were in doing Tommy from noon until midnight. I can remember being in the control room ( which was above one end of the studio) for a playback, and keith Moon had come in early and was playing his double kit immediately below us...thunderous. We were very broke, and would  " pay 10p at the other end" to get in to the studio on the tube in the mornings. Unfortunately funds didn't stretch to breakfast... Trying to play blues at 8am when you're starving and half asleep is a total joke".

Gwyn Mathias

July 1978 the studios were bought out by Chas Chandler and it became Portland Recording Studios. The original custom desk, a 32/24, was kept.

He eventually sold it to Jet Records and Don Arden, being used until July 1985 when it was sold and converted into offices.

Recorded At IBC Studios :

Lonnie Donegan : My Old Mans A Dustman  - 1958

The Kinks  :   You Really Got Me  -   July 1964

The Nashville Teens : Tobacco Road  - 1964

The Beatles  : Medley: Love Me Do/Please Please Me/From Me To You/She Loves You/I Want To Hold Your Hand
recorded at IBC Studios, London,   - April 19 1964

Chris Farlowe   :  Out Of Time   -  1966

The Who  : My Generation,  Anyway Anyhow Anywhere. 

The Small Faces  :  All or Nothing   -   1966

The Bee Gees  :  To Love Somebody   -  1967

Cream  : Badge   - 1968

The Who   :  Tommy    -  1968

Rare Amber : Rare Amber   -  1968

Ashton, Gardner and Dyke : Resurrection Shuffle

Deep Purple    :  Deep Purple In Rock   -  1969

Thunderclap Newman : Something In the Air  - 1969

The Bee Gees    :  To Whom It May Concern  - 1972

StatusQuo       : Piledriver -  1972

Status Quo      :   Hello!  -  1973


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Andrew Loog Oldham at IBC

Mike Claydon

Joe Meek at IBC