Island Studios. Basing Street Studios then became Sarm West.

8-10 Basing Street, London W11 1ET.

Island Studios were established by Chris Blackwell  the founder of Island Records. They were built within an old church in Basing Street in London. In May 1969 the offices for Island Records were complete and in January 1970, Studio Two was finished. Studio One was built above this.

Studio One had a Helios 28/16 . Studio Two, from '70 to '73, had the first of the Island Helios desks, a 20/16 . This was upgraded  when they brought in the next model in late '73, early '74, it was 32 in and 16 out.

In 1975 Brian Eno bought one of the Helios desks. The same year,  Island became Basing Street Studios and was run by Muff Winwood

In the late '70s Studio One and Studio Two had both been refitted with MCI 500-series desks.

The monitors in Studio Two were 15-inch Tannoy Red drivers inside Lockwood cabinets suspended from the ceiling, while the tape machines were a 3M 24-track, 3M 16-track and an Ampex eight-track that was used to make transfers.

Basing Street Studios eventually became Sarm West Studios.

Recorded at Island Studios :

Mott The Hoople    -  Wildlife  - Nov-Dec 1970

Jethro Tull            -  Aqualung     - 1971

Black Sabbath       - Master of Reality  - February and April 1971

Mott The Hoople   -  Brain Capers   Aug-Sep 1971.

The Sweet     -  Little Willie  - April 1972

Genesis         -  Foxtrot  -  August-September  -1972

Lindisfarne    -    Dingly Dell    July  1972

The Eagles     -    Desperado    -  1973

Suzi Quatro   - Can the Can

Genesis         -   Selling England By The Pound   - August 1973

Brian Eno     - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) 1974

Camel    -  The Snow Goose     April 1975

Brian Eno      -  Another Green World - July and August 1975

Bob Marley and the Wailers   -  Exodus   - July 1977

Queen       -  News of the World  (part)

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Island studios helios desk

Island Studios Helios console