129 Kingsway Holborn, London 

Also Known as De Lane Lea.

Kingsway Studio was set up by the company SH Benson , an advertising agency who used the studio for jingles and voice overs.  In the mid sixties it was aquired by  Major Jacques De Lane Lea, a French intelligence attache for the British Government, who already had a business set up to dub English films into French.

Dave Siddle had been the studio manager under Bensons and stayed on to turn Kingsway into one of  the biggest rock studios in London. The actual location was less glamorous, being in a basement under the Midland Bank.

In 1965, the studio installed a Sound Techniques desk, the first to be produced commercially for an outside studio by  Sound Techniques. And it was with this desk that some of the greatest guitar sounds ever put to tape were recorded. On October 23, 1966, The Jimi Hendrix Experience records its first 2 songs, “Hey Joe” and “Stone Free”, at the studio.  “Hey Joe” is released in England on December 16 and it reaches number 4 of the charts. The following single, “Purple Haze”, reaches number 3 and their first album, Are You Experienced?, remains close to the top of the charts in the summer of 1967.

In 1966 the studio  was 4-track

The Original Sound Techniques Desk at Kingsway

In August 1969 work started on the new studios in Wembley. The Music Centre was to be one of the country's first purpose built studios.

It opened in autumn 1971.

"With producer Martin Birch, the Kingsway Holborn studio premises were then bought by Ian Gillan of Deep Purple."De Lane Lea had moved their operation to Wembley but had left Holborn with all its gear in place and apart from still paying rent of about £25,000 a year, they basically locked the doors and thrown away the key"In 1973 they bought the first commercially produced Raindirk console.

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Recorded At Kingsway :

The Rolling Stones   - Money ( That's What I Want )   Nov. 1963

The Rolling Stones  -  As Time Goes By, (I'm Just A) Funny Guy,
You Must Be The One,  Waving Hair,When A Boy Meets A Girl. July 1964.

The Animals   -  House Of The Rising Sun  -  1964

Jimi Hendrix  -  Hey Joe -  Oct 1966       Purple Haze -January 11th 1967 (some overdubs at Olympic)

Marc Bolan     -  Demos  -   Oct. 1966

The Who       - Tracks for -  'The Who Sell Out'   -   Oct. 1967

Jimi Hendix   - The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze.   Nov 1967

The Raindirk Desk at Ian Gillan's Kingsway