Marquee Studios.

In 1964 the Marquee Jazz club moved premises from Oxford Street to Wardour Street. The new premises were much larger than the previous which gave room to build a recording studio.

The original mono studio had its first hit in 1964 with the Moody Blues song 'Go now".

"I had been talking to Phil Woods, who was trying to get a studio together at the back of The Marquee so, as a cost saving incentive, I decided to go ahead and use the under-construction studio as an experiment. The studio was, in fact, simply a garage with a home made 12 channel mixer; the only outboard gear being a borrowed echo plate and two Ampex recording decks (second hand, one mono and one stereo) from EMI."

"There was an odd collection of old BBC microphones and one modern condenser mic for the vocals plus we had the use of a Fairchild compressor for the vocal sound. Although its hard to be specific, I think we had a portable Revox stereo tape deck which we utilized for some mixing down of tracks and to overdub a couple of piano bass notes that had lost attack in the solo."   Alex Wharton, The Moody Blues.








In 1966 the studio went 4 track.

In 1969 went  8 track with a Sound Techniques desk and an Ampex machine

In 1971 a new in-house desk was built using Helios modules combined with an Ampex MM-1000.


Helios/ T.B. Technical 24 into 16

Installed an MCI 542 36 input in 1977.

In 1977 they opened a new remix room with MCI 542 36/22 desk and MCI tape machine. 

1984 had an MCI console.

The Studio closed in 1988.

Recorded at Marquee :

The Moody Blues  -  Go Now   - 

Van Der Graph Generator  -   Aerosol Grey Machine  -   Jan 1969

Pictures in the Sky   -   Medicine Head

Sarstedt Brothers - Worlds Apart Together
Solution - Cordon Bleu. 
Strider - Exposed 
Daevid Allen - Bananamoon 
David Bedford - Nurses Song With Elephants.
 Elton John - Here and There
Geoff Whitehorn - Whitehorn 
Groundhogs - Blues Obituary
Ralph McTell - Easy. 

Vangelis  - The Dragon   June -  1971

Vangelis - Hypothesis

Anne Briggs      -  The Time Has Come   -  1971

Another Monty Python Record

Rory Gallagher   -   Blueprint   1973

Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood 
Toyah - Love Is The Law 
The Clash - Golden Bullets. 
Aynsley Dunbar - Blue Whale
Louisiana Music Factory - Blue Lightning 
Marillion - Script For A Jester's Tear 


MCI console
Marquee Studios MCI console