Originally 'Recorded Sound Ltd'.

Recorded Sound had the first Neve desk built by Rupert himself, a 10 in 2 out valve console. They actually orderd two consoles, one for the studio and one for outside broadcast.

In 1971 went from 8-track to 16.

Originally 20:8 Neve desk upgraded to a 24 channel for 16 track.    3M 8-track and then 3M 16-track. Studio 2 had  Neve 16:4 - 3M 16 and 8 track.

Mixdown suite with a Neve 16 channel.

4 x EMT plates.

The studios were taken over in June 1968 by George Pastell and Alexander Dembenoitis and then at some point by Tommy Steele and renamed \nove Studios. (Nice Neve Tommy !).

Recorded At Nova Studios :

The Sweet  - Alexandra Graham Bell plus others  July 1971

The Biddu Orchestra  -  Blue-eyed Soul

Tina Charles  -

The Blues Band  -  Ready

Buggles  -  Video Killed the Radio Star   (Part)

Neve console at Nova Studios