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The first vehicle to be called the Pye Mobile  was not strictly a mobile studio as we have come to know them i.e. a control room on wheels. It was a Ford transit box van introduced in 1966 and used simply as a transport vehicle.  The equipment was stored in cases  that a hired removal company would carry into venues.

The portable equipment available included a Telefunken mixer used mainly for classical recording, a 'Pye' mixer built by Ken Attwood and originally a 3 track Ampex tape machine. Monitoring was provided by Tannoy Lockwoods.

The equipment was soon upgraded to two Neve Series 80 desks that could be split in half for transport then re-assembled at the venue. It also had two 3M M56 8 track recorders that could also be split. This situation was obviously not ideal because of the manpower needed to carry the gear into the venues and the time taken to set up and pack down the rig.

At the beginning of the 1971 a new articulated Mobile was commissioned under the guidance of studio technical manager Ray Prickett and was up and running just after the launch of the Rolling Stones Mobile.


Pye Mobile with producer Vic Maile

With producer Vic Maile


The Mobile crew of Alan Perkins, Neville Crozier and Tony Carey at the Isle of White Festival in 1970


The Photos on this page were kindly sent to us by original Pye Mobile crew member ( and musician ) Neville Crozier. Many thanks for sharing.


The second mobile unit was eventually sold to Virgin in 1974 and the equipment including the Neve desk installed in Virgin's mobile. The desk didn't last long here however. It was soon taken out and moved to Mike Oldfield’s house to record Hergest Ridge.


Recorded on the Pye Mobile

Live at Kelvin Hall  :  The Kinks.   - 1967

Pink Floyd : Ummagumma  -  April/May 1969

Jimi Hendrix at the Albert hall  -1969

The Who  :   Live At Leeds  - Feb 1970

Message To Love : The Isle Of Wight Festival - 1970

 The Nice  :  Five Bridges  -  1970

Strawbs  :  Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios; Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall - July 1970

Hawkwind  :  The Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London  - 1972

Chuck Berry  : The London Chuck Berry Sessions  -  1972

Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends  :  Hands Of Jack The Ripper   - 1972

Man  : Live At The Padget Rooms  -  1972

Amon Düül II  : Live In London  - Dec 1972

Uriah Heep  : Live  - Jan 1973

Genesis : Genesis Live  - Feb 1973

Morning Glory   : Morning Glory  - March 1973

Focus :  At The Rainbow  -  May 1973

Nektar : Sunday Night At London Roundhouse - Nov 1973

Caravan : Caravan & The New Symphonia  -  Oct 1973

Chicken Shack : Stan The Man - Oct 1973

Nazareth  : Loud 'N' Proud  - Nov 1973

Caravan :  Live At The Fairfield Halls - 1974

Dr. Feelgood : Down By The Jetty - 1974

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