Red Bus Studios  34 Salisbury Street, London.

Red Bus opened in 1979. The studios were set up by a production company led by Eliot Cohen and designed by Eastlake.

Studio One -  MCI JH-542LM . Studio Two  -  MCI JH 428B/LM

1981 -  Studio Two has a Harrison 32/32 desk.

Recorded at Red Bus Studios :

Duran Duran : Planet Earth,  Careless Memories

Culture Club :  Kissing to Be Clever 

Culture Club  : Colour by Numbers  

Culture Club : Waking Up With The House On Fire  -  1983

Imagination : Night Dubbing   - 1983

 Spandau Ballet , Alisson Moyet,  Level 42, Duran Duran,

Tina Turner,










Red Bus Studios