The Rolling Stones Mobile 

  Part 5




The Rolling Days are Over.

By the late 80s and early 90s the mobile was being used mostly for outside broadcast work.  With changes in technology  and demands for more facilities, the only way that area of work could realistically be continued would have been with a refit, which would have involved changing the original Helios console. Fortunately, those in charge saw such a move as out of the question. To many people the mobile had taken on an iconic  status and it now had a historic value. Although the original desk may not have had the size or facilities of a modern equivalent it was still recognized as being able to produced a great sound.


The Mobile was subsequently returned to the commercial market place based in Pinewood Studios but eventually closed in April 1993.

The last recordings made by it were with Mick's brother, Chris Jagger and his band for an album called "Atcha". It was sold through auction at Bonhams and sent off to New York .

  The truck was later sold to a company to 'Audities' in Calgary, Canada where it is presently housed.


..The old DAF motor is so worn out and the box/Studio is so heavy that the truck would only go about 50 MPH...on a flat. Up hills was absolutely torturous....the rings are worn out in that old diesel. When you start it, it blows HUGE clouds of black smoke for 30 mins before it finally heats up and seals the rings enough to get under way.....

                                                                                     David Kean, Audities.







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