211 Fulham Palace Road Fulham, London SW6.

TW Studios started in 1972 as a four track by Gary Wilson  and Clive Tomkinson. Jan 1975 went 16 track. 1978 went 24 track.

"I used to hang out at a music shop in Fulham, and I persuaded the owners to build a demo studio in the basement, which was called TW Studios. They didn't know anything about studios -- nor did I, really -- but they took me on to run it, and it proved a very good way of learning. They put in a couple of Revox machines and later a TEAC 4-track and an Allen & Heath desk. I was slung straight in at the deep end, as their in-house engineer, doing demos for bands that were the real dregs of the earth. It wasn't frightening, because I was only working with kids off the street and they'd never been in a studio either. We used to run a weekly ad in Melody Maker, offering the studio at £3.50 an hour, and it became so successful that they made enough money to buy the building next door and open a second studio -- this time an 8-track."

Winstanley brought in a friend to run the 4-track studio and moved next door to run the 8-track facility, which was subsequently upgraded to 16-track to cope with demand. It was at TW that he first met The Stranglers -- at that stage an unsigned band who came in to do a few demos.

TW STUDIOS are tucked away behind a drab shop front off London's Fulham Palace Road. To gain entry you have to go round the side, through a used car lot and down three crumbling steps. The building looks so ramshackle it's difficult to tell whether it's in a state of terminal collapse or whether it's being shored up at the eleventh hour.      Chas de Whalley Sounds


1979 - MCI JH440  - 28/24      -    3M M79  24 track

Recorded at TW Studios :

Rattus Norvegicus  -  The Stranglers      Dec 20, 1976-Jan 28, 1977

The Stranglers : 999

The Jam 4 tracks Recorded  on the 1st March 1975

The Stranglers   :   No More Heroes      February and July 1977

Buzzcocks      :  Orgasm Addict     Sept. 1977

Generation X   : Generation X    1978

Joe Jackson  :  I'm The Man   1979

The Specials   :  Specials     Summer 1979